4 Call Center Compliance Problems—and How to Fix Them

Contact Center Compliance

Is our call center compliant? That’s a question that I get asked a lot, since I’m the Chief Information Security Officer for 8x8, which provides enterprise cloud contact center solutions. And the sad…

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Can Your Mobile Strategy Compete Without the Cloud?

Mobile Cloud Communications

Mobile technology, in its many forms—the Internet, smartphones, ubiquitous broadband networks, airplanes, high-speed rail systems, etc.—is helping businesses expand their market reach and accelerate their rate of growth. You don’t have to live…

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3 Tips to Keep Customer Journeys from Going Off the Rails

max blog art latest

When it comes to customer journeys, is your company inadvertently driving your customers to desperate measures, like going to GetHuman.com? Maybe. The way customers experience products and services is changing, and companies that…

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ICMI: Customer Service is Tough and Getting Tougher

Infographic: Improve Your Customer Service Experience

If you think it’s getting harder to impress customers with your customer service efforts, you’re not imagining it. It really is getting harder. That’s the conclusion of this infographic by the International Customer Management…

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Can Your People Learn Better If They Have More Fun?


You’re trudging off to what you expect will be a boring training, mind-numbing meeting or stupefying staff event. You’re late. You expect the obligatory PowerPoint presentation, the kind that turned the word “multitasking”…

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Dreamforce:  Network with Tech Innovators, Hear Confessions and Make History

8x8 at Dreamforce 2015

You don’t often get a chance to be part of something historic. But if you’re going to Salesforce’s Dreamforce technology conference in San Francisco September 15-18, you’ll definitely be part of a show…

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CIO Straight Talk: When Wimpy Communications Systems Hold You Back

Communications Systems

Companies that want to expand in a big way are finding that one of the biggest threats to growth sometimes lurks in their closets and on phone lines. Enterprises are increasingly finding that…

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Disaster Reliability—What Old PBXs and Phone Systems Can’t Give You

Disaster Reliability

Tropical storms and hurricanes in the Atlantic. Wildfires setting destruction records in the Western US. Tsunamis in the Pacific. Responding to these disasters—and trying to do business in the aftermath—usually overwhelms local phone…

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The Death of Omni-channel and Birth of Any Media

The death of omni-channel

Part I – Blog Series Customers really do see many different interactions with your company across many disparate channels as a single conversation with a single entity—regardless of how many departments or organizations…

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Stay One Step Ahead of Your Customers with Proactive Chat

Proactive chat for contact centers

Ever get frustrated trying to navigate through a website or looking for online support? Wanted help finding the right web page without having to call in and wait on hold for support? That…

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