Gain a Competitive Edge with Cloud Communications

Infographic: Cloud Communications Competitive Advantage

Can cloud communications provide businesses with a competitive advantage? According to research conducted by respected analyst firm Frost & Sullivan, the evidence is compellingly clear. Enterprise IT decision makers are reporting a range…

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If You Want to Communicate What’s Important, Gamify!

The Gamification of Training

To students, working in the business world can sometimes seem synonymous with “all work and no play.” So, as a new intern at 8x8, I didn’t really expect anything fun or out-of-the-box to…

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Bad Meetings Go Back Further than You Think: 4 Tips to Improve Them

Bad meetings go way back

The longer I work in Silicon Valley—home of what seems like constant change at a blinding pace—the more I realize how little things have changed. Take, for example, bad meetings. Ancient documents like…

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What Do You Get When You Cross Your CRM System With Your Phone System?

CRM and cloud communications

No, it’s not a joke, and there is no punchline. But there is definitely a payoff for companies that combine several powerful cloud solutions for a synergistic effect, says Infonetics analyst Diane Myers….

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Are Stereotypes Costing You Customers? 6 Millennial Service Tips

millennials-300x240 (1)

How well does your business know its Millennial customers and employees? As the Millennial Generation enters its twenties and thirties, they are becoming a powerful driving force in all aspects of business. Already, they will…

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Expert: How to Pick the #1 Cloud Communications Provider

8x8 is #1 Cloud UC Provider per Infonetics

As American Pharoah’s recent stunning victory proves, it can be tough to pick a winner—at least in horse racing. But Infonetics’ Principal Analyst Diane Myers has been picking winners in the cloud communications…

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How to Take Security from Afterthought to Advantage

Security Done Right

Is security just an afterthought? Not according to Infonetics Principal Analyst Diane Myers, who says it’s the #1 criterion for buyers of cloud communications. The fact that security is the most important concern…

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Infonetics on the #1 Communications Feature Businesses Want

Infonetics #1

What’s the #1 feature that businesses want in their cloud communications systems—which include phones, videoconferencing and contact center solutions? What’s most important is not more bells and whistles, not the lowest price, but…

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Fast Talking for Fast-Trackers and Entrepreneurs: A Primer

Impromptu speaking is the hardest type of business communications.

What’s the one thing people fear even more than public speaking? Before the answer, a little background: A commonly cited statistic holds that when surveyed, more people say they fear public speaking than…

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Build Great Customer Experiences in the Cloud

Constructing Effective Customer Experiences

Companies the world over are turning to the cloud to create better customer experiences, and Aberdeen Group says it’s paying off.  Moving customer contact to the cloud results in higher revenues and improved…

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