Sometimes, Lightning DOES Strike Twice

Lightning strikes PBXs

Whoever says lightning never strikes twice, never had an old-style PBX or phone system. Last summer, we were surprised to realize that many of our new customers told tales of making do with ancient…

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Why Your Healthcare Provider’s Phone System Matters

telemedicine and phone systems in the cloud

In the coming era of telemedicine, if you’re running a medical practice—or if you’re a patient of one—something as simple as the communications your medical provider uses can have a big impact on…

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Wounded Veterans Deserve a Chance at Success Back Home

Contact Center jobs for veterans

Should wounded veterans have to give up their employability because of their new special needs? Direct Interactions, 8×8 and I don’t think so. 8×8 Technology Makes It Possible to Work from Home Direct…

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Helping the Non-profit Helpers Who Give People a Hand Up

OHDC helps farm workers

Sometimes, it’s an honor to be of service to those who serve others. I feel that way about many of the service organizations who use 8×8 to stay connected to their stakeholders and…

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When the Cloud Turns Your Office Green with Envy

Make the offic dgreen with envy

I’m a parent. I am extremely familiar with the two-kids-one-Happy-Meal-toy dilemma. But I hadn’t really thought too hard about how much the same principle drives business infrastructure adoption. Until recently, when Bank of…

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Do You Have What It Takes to Make Customer Satisfaction Everybody’s Job?

Customer satisfaction is everybody's job

For years, managers tried to get their employees to take service seriously with the old saying, “Customer Service is Everybody’s Job.” It was a good aim, and it worked pretty well for small companies….

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We Won What? 8×8 Earns Frost & Sullivan Customer Value Leadership Award

8x8 Hosted VoIP and Unified Communications award

What does Frost & Sullivan’s Customer Value Leadership Award mean? I was curious when I learned that 8×8 would receive it this year. 8×8 has earned many Frost & Sullivan awards over the years—for…

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Stemming Plagues Might Test Communications Providers’ Speed and Compliance

HIPAA applies to contact centers

If HIPAA were a teenager, the eighteen-year-old would be allowed to vote and sign contracts. That’s why it’s tough to understand why so many businesses and government agencies are still failing to implement…

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Want to Lasso Customer Loyalty? Quit Siloing Customer Contact in Support

Customer loyalty lasso

Cruise through the pages of any business magazine, and you’ll wish you had a dollar for every senior executive who says that “customer loyalty and customer service are our top priorities.” And around…

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Are You Sending YOUR Repeat Business to Your Competitors?

Direct connect with Virtual Contact Center increases customer loyalty

If you’re in finance, insurance, medicine, law—or any other service industry where people care about exactly whom they work with—you might be losing customers whenever a popular person in your organization leaves. Or,…

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