Stemming Plagues Might Test Communications Providers’ Speed and Compliance

HIPAA applies to contact centers

If HIPAA were a teenager, the eighteen-year-old would be allowed to vote and sign contracts. That’s why it’s tough to understand why so many businesses and government agencies are still failing to implement…

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Want to Lasso Customer Loyalty? Quit Siloing Customer Contact in Support

Customer loyalty lasso

Cruise through the pages of any business magazine, and you’ll wish you had a dollar for every senior executive who says that “customer loyalty and customer service are our top priorities.” And around…

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Are You Sending YOUR Repeat Business to Your Competitors?

Direct connect with Virtual Contact Center increases customer loyalty

If you’re in finance, insurance, medicine, law—or any other service industry where people care about exactly whom they work with—you might be losing customers whenever a popular person in your organization leaves. Or,…

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What 8x8’s Virtual Contact Center Ventana Leadership Award Means to You

Award for 8x8 Virtual Contact Center

In a nod to a customer-service revolution underway, Ventana Research has presented a coveted 2014 Business Technology Leadership Award to 8x8 Virtual Contact Center and one of its most innovative customers, a multi-location human resources…

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Want Help Managing Rapidly Changing IT Trends? See you at Gartner Symposium/ITxpo


Now more than ever, IT leaders are scrambling to stay current on technology trends, security, and compliance conformance. They’re also challenged with implementing and exploiting the latest, most complex technology, while simplifying  its…

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4 Secrets Nobody Ever Has to Know—With the Right Business Phone System

Business VoIP secrets

Transparency in corporate America might be overrated—especially when it comes to companies’ business phone service. Of course, everyone still wants the companies they do business with to be honest and aboveboard. But when…

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5 Tips to Instill Excellence in Contact Center Culture

Customer service excellence

It’s easy to find articles, seminars and even news clips with executives or consultants talking about creating a culture of customer service excellence. Almost everyone—from CEOs to call center managers—“gets” that making customers…

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From Hot Tubs to European Road Trips, 8x8 Keeps Your Secrets

Business secrets your phone system can keep

Do 8x8 customers have more secrets than anyone else? Or do they just hide them better? With all kinds of options for call forwarding to mobile devices, ring groups and other VoIP technology…

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Reminder: Miss the Sept. 22 HIPAA Deadline at Your Own Risk!

HIPAA deadline criminal prosecution

Fall is almost upon us, and that means that students are getting serious again. And so is the Office of Civil Rights, the arm of the government that enforces the strict HIPAA/HITECH Act and…

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Keep Customers from Fuming on Hold with Queued Callback

Frustrated caller on hold

Bad customer service became a headline-maker in July and August, when Comcast representatives were recorded haranguing one customer and forcing another to wait three-and-a-half hours on hold, until Comcast closed for the day…

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