Use the Cloud to Ride Out the Storm and Get a Rainbow of New Possibilities

Cloud Communications for

It’s rare in the IT world that things turn out much better than you’d hoped—usually Murphy’s Laws govern the world of the CIO—and everyone else who has to keep technology running smoothly. That’s…

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Success Checklist: 7 Steps to Better Customer Experiences

Aberdeen Customer Experience Checklist

Aberdeen Group says that most “best-in-class” contact centers—those in the top 20 percent in customer satisfaction metrics—are either using cloud-based infrastructure, or contemplating a switch to the cloud. But before you make the…

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4 Ways to Boost ROI and Avoid Groundhog-Day Communications Spending

Cloud communications ROI

Repetition can be a boon or a burden to business, depending on what you’re repeating and why. There’s the good kind of repetition, which is repeating processes that drive revenue or serve customers…

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How Cloud Contact Centers Maximize Customer Delight


Small and mid-sized contact centers face challenges in delighting their customers, the Aberdeen Group points out in recent research. But, says the respected research firm, putting contact centers in the cloud helps firms…

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The 60s Called—They Want Their Call Center Back


Consumers—people like you and me—experience a big disconnect when they move from the world of the web to talking to the customer representatives of the businesses they frequent. The easy availability of information…

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Enterprise Connect: Where the Smart Money Takes to the Cloud


If Enterprise Connect attendance is an accurate indicator, cloud-based applications might be moving into larger and more risk-averse enterprises, such as finance. Statistics aren’t yet available for this year, but last year, almost…

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Is Your Company in Call Center Denial?

cloud contact centers ease caller and agent frustration

Are you in denial about running a call center? Lots of companies are. They don’t think that the heavy incoming customer calls they take really constitute a “real” call center or—if email, web…

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Apple Deal Underscores Safe Harbor’s Importance in Business Communications

Safe Harbor

The news that Apple is going to spend nearly $2 billion on new European data centers—and the open secret that it’s doing that to assuage Europeans that their data won’t leave Europe—recently put…

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Ultra-Cool Cloud Analytics Tricks Your Old PBX Just Can’t Do

Communications analytics

Pity the poor PBX. It’s already the Winnie-the-Pooh of communications these days—“of very little brain.” For example, its inability to quickly route calls to auto attendants, laptops, smartphones and tablets makes it look…

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McDonald’s Franchise Expands—With ‘Invisible’ 8x8 Phone Service

McDonald's franchisee selects 8x8 cloud phone system

It would be hard to find an environment that’s tougher on phone systems than a restaurant like McDonald’s. In the kitchen area, lots of busy, hurried people are focused like a laser beam on…

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