Death of Omni-Channel

Omni-channel is dead

Part 2–Blog Series In my last blog, I explored the challenges of omni-channel and how it creates such a complex, convoluted picture of customer interactions—so much so that it distracts us from really…

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Partly Cloudy or Clear…Are you Ready to Transform Your Business?

Transform your channel business

Is now the right time for you to transform your channel business? Are you ready to sell and support cloud solutions and finally become a Cloud Solutions Provider? Perhaps it’s time to re-assess…

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Does Your Communications Solution Need an Upgrade or Do-Over?

Communications Upgrade

Back in the day, most business people wanted to increase sales by delivering faster answers and being available for customers through any media channel, at any time. The goal? Generating more deals and…

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Is Your Contact Center Solution Engineered to Go Global? Why it Matters

Global contact center

There are way too many things out there that are a lot harder than they look—like backflips,  juggling, and providing exceptional global customer service. Especially if you’re already providing good service from one…

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4 Ways Enterprise Cloud Communications Help Hot-Deskers

Hot Desking

Hot desking—sharing office space and business phones—is, well, a hot trend these days. By 2020, employers are expected to provide just six desks to every ten workers in Singapore, the Netherlands, the USA and the UK. But…

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Fitbit Complies with HIPAA—Does Your Business? 7 Questions to Ask

Fitbit get HIPAA compliant

Fitbit’s recent news that it has achieved compliance with HIPAA—which protects patients’ health data—shines a light on the importance of HIPAA medical privacy concerns to an ever-widening circle of businesses. Still, many firms…

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Changing the Channel

8x8 Channel

After ten years of building and running the Cloud Program at Insight, I recently decided to make a life change. For my next adventure, I wanted to find a new productive intersection of…

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4 Call Center Compliance Problems—and How to Fix Them

Contact Center Compliance

Is our call center compliant? That’s a question that I get asked a lot, since I’m the Chief Information Security Officer for 8x8, which provides enterprise cloud contact center solutions. And the sad…

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Can Your Mobile Strategy Compete Without the Cloud?

Mobile Cloud Communications

Mobile technology, in its many forms—the Internet, smartphones, ubiquitous broadband networks, airplanes, high-speed rail systems, etc.—is helping businesses expand their market reach and accelerate their rate of growth. You don’t have to live…

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3 Tips to Keep Customer Journeys from Going Off the Rails

max blog art latest

When it comes to customer journeys, is your company inadvertently driving your customers to desperate measures, like going to Maybe. The way customers experience products and services is changing, and companies that…

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