Unified Communications, Call Center Software and CIO Customer Karma

MidMarket Award

Despite popular TV shows to the contrary, in real life there’s rarely a surprise witness around when you need one. But 8×8 recently ran into a number of unexpected advocates, out of the…

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Call Center Software Forecast: Cloudy with a Chance of WFM

call center software: puzzle piece in the cloud

What a difference a year makes! Last year, so much of the debate surrounding cloud applications centered on the decision, “To cloud or not to cloud?” This year, for many companies, that is…

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Hosted PBX Helps McLarens Achieve Dueling Objectives

Hosted PBX: sword fighters dueling

Do you ever feel torn between seemingly competing goals? That’s a common problem for people who manage growing companies. You want to simplify, but exploit advanced technology. Standardize and streamline, but give people…

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Business VoIP Helps Manage Unified Communications in Extreme Weather

Business VoIP: icicles on a bridge

If you’ve been thinking that the weather has been unusually tough on business these last few years, you’re right. Extreme weather events are costing businesses nearly $200 billion a year during the last…

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Replicon’s Genius: Going Global Fast With Hosted PBXs and Call Center Software

Hosted PBX: Globe

Sometimes, executive genius is about finding ways to achieve what seem like contradicting objectives. That’s why I admire Replicon’s global IT director, Neal Alberda, who was quick to see that a hosted PBX…

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Rubicon Project Uses Hosted VoIP to Beat Tough Deadline for Innovation

Hosted VoIP: Promise in skywriting

One of the most critical roles any CEO plays is “Promise-Keeper-in-Chief,” and I take that responsibility very seriously. That’s why it was so great to hear from Tim McQuillen, Chief Knowledge Officer at…

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Unified Communications: ‘We have a real sense of being a team now’

Unified communications: group of employees

Unified communications providers don’t just unify technology; they unify people. As Infinisource’s CTO Craig Henne recently told us, something very profound happens when people find it easy to communicate with their coworkers. That’s…

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5 IT Visionaries Win 8×8 Cloud Unified Communications Awards at Enterprise Connect

8x8 Red Carpet Reception at Enterprise Connect

Last night at a red-carpet reception at Enterprise Connect 2014 in Orlando, 8×8 recognized five cutting-edge IT innovators for their visionary adoption of cloud-based unified communications in their businesses. We selected the best…

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Call Center Software Mashups Transform Contact Center Workforce Management

call-center-software mashup-album cover

What do the Bee Gees, Pink Floyd, John Travolta, Hotels.com and contact center software have in common? In my blog last week, Transform Customer Experiences with Contact Center Mashups, I talked about how cloud…

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8×8 Receives Enterprise-Ready Rating from the Skyhigh CloudTrust Program

Unified communiciations: Security seal of approval

Selecting the right cloud services for your business is critical, especially with the breadth of services available today. So having an objective evaluation of a service’s security controls and enterprise-readiness is an essential…

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