Who’s Your Company’s Best Friend? 5 Ways 8×8 Gives Fluffy a Run for the Money

Maja Bogey 8x8 - 7-17

Move over Scruffy! You’ve got competition. Dogs may be man’s best friends, but 8×8 business phone service could be your company’s best friend. Here are five good reasons why. 1. You can trust…

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Branch Out, Move Up, Stay Connected


Managing branch offices is often a problem for expanding businesses. Until recently, your best choice was to have calls go to the main PBX and then transfer them to the other departments. Many…

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A Working Parent Begs K-12 Schools: PLEASE Get E-Rate Phone Service!

E-Rate phone service for K-12 schools and libraries

If you’re a working parent—and I’m not sure there’s any other kind—think about this the next time you try to communicate with your kid’s school or school district. It could be SO much…

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Don’t Want to Be the Comcast Guy’s Manager? This Technology Can Help

Contact Center Supervisor

Can you hear it? Across the world, the sound of  millions of customer service managers slapping their foreheads has now grown into a Niagara Falls roar over this now-infamous recording of horrific customer…

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Office Manager: How to Use Business VoIP to Save Money and Boost Visits

Medical professionals get HIPAA compliant Business Associate Agreement and save money

I’m the office manager for a dental office, and I just have to tell you a secret that we’ve learned in our dental practice: If you have the Internet in your office, you…

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Cuomo Says Weird Weather Is the ‘New Normal’—Is Your Biz Ready?

Business VoIP: Tornado weather

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo recently spoke of serious tornado damage in his state and told crowds that people need to make plans for weather that they previously considered unthinkable. “We don’t get tornadoes in…

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Is Your Company on the Feds’ List of 1,200 HIPAA Violators?

Violation notice

I don’t like sounding like an alarmist. But now is the time to get your HIPAA house in order and review everything you do, from your unified communications to your training, policies and…

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Business VoIP Offers Freedom to Balance Work and Family

Business VoIP: Kids ready for 4th of July

It’s easy to feel free on weekends and holidays like the Fourth of July. But how free do you feel Monday through Friday? That’s the real test, and if you hesitate to answer…

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Infonetics: Hosted VoIP Providers Help Save on Unified Communications

Unified Communications: Money in cloud

Hosted VoIP isn’t just for start-ups and small businesses anymore. And it’s not just business phone service these days, either. Many recent reports have noted that increasingly larger companies are adopting cloud services…

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Mobile Unified Communications: Pet Moving Co. Explains Why 8×8 is #1

Unified Communications: Pet Transporation

When Ellen DeGeneres isn’t being funny, she’s smart. The comedienne-turned-talk-show-host once said, “Sometimes you can’t see yourself clearly until you see yourself through the eyes of others.” So I was a little surprised…

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