The Death of Omni-channel and Birth of Any Media

The death of omni-channel

Part I – Blog Series Customers really do see many different interactions with your company across many disparate channels as a single conversation with a single entity—regardless of how many departments or organizations…

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Stay One Step Ahead of Your Customers with Proactive Chat

Proactive chat for contact centers

Ever get frustrated trying to navigate through a website or looking for online support? Wanted help finding the right web page without having to call in and wait on hold for support? That…

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Office 365 + Skype4B: Ready to Sit at the Adult Table?

Office365 + Skype4B

By now, analysts and industry pundits have weighed in and had time to review Microsoft’s latest (albeit limited) deets on adding enterprise voice to Office 365 with Skype for Business (formerly Lync). It’s…

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Re-Thinking Enterprise Cloud Communications

Re-thinking Cloud Communications

The time is now and 2015 is the year enterprises need to start shifting their on-premises unified communications and VoIP solutions to the cloud or risk falling behind. On-premises PBX systems have been…

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E Pluribus Unum: Out of Many, One Company

One unified communications system for everyone

To take a lesson from early American history, one thing is clear: It can be challenging to meet individual needs and bring everyone together to channel their collective power.  One of the hardest things…

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​5 Ways the Cloud Accelerates Your Phone System


Does the thought of moving tons of phone-system PBX hardware make you want to change careers? Do you feel like you’ve met everybody in your phone provider’s customer service department? Or is your…

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In Cloud Communications, the S-Word is Real

Cloud Communications Synergy

OK, so you’re tired of hearing the S-word. Maybe you’ve heard it too much, too long from companies that used it too much? But what if you could use it, too—for real—to deliver…

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Be Your Organization’s Security & Compliance Goalie

Security and Compliance Goals

I recently wrote about how to get your company to commit to improving its security and compliance by starting at the top and getting top brass buy-in. But once you’ve got agreement that your organization…

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Skype for Business: A Reality Check

Skype for Business: Reality Check

Microsoft’s recently released preview of Skype for Business (formerly Lync) has caused a new round of discussion and uncertainty in the industry, as noted in this InfoWorld article.  This is a common market…

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CXOs: Communications Analytics Will Amaze You

Communications Analytics Deliver Amazing Business Insights

CIOs and CEOs are starting to realize just how much their outdated communications systems can hold back their business. It’s not just about missing the latest new features or technology. It’s about hampering collaboration,…

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