Angela York

Angela York

Angela is the Director of Customer Marketing and Loyalty Programs, and the Product Manager for the 8x8 Account Manager. Angela is a proponent for identifying and providing solutions to help companies serve their customers better, work smarter and conduct business anywhere, anytime.

Articles by: Angela York

McDonald’s Franchise Expands—With ‘Invisible’ 8x8 Phone Service

McDonald's franchisee selects 8x8 cloud phone system

It would be hard to find an environment that’s tougher on phone systems than a restaurant like McDonald’s. In the kitchen area, lots of busy, hurried people are focused like a laser beam on…

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Helping the Non-profit Helpers Who Give People a Hand Up

OHDC helps farm workers

Sometimes, it’s an honor to be of service to those who serve others. I feel that way about many of the service organizations who use 8x8 to stay connected to their stakeholders and…

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6 Ways to Tell If Your Company Has Outgrown Its Business Phone Service

unified communications: Fish jumping to bigger bowl

If  you’ve ever been frustrated by your business phone service, consider this: Lots of companies reach a point where they’re big enough—and successful enough—that their current service just doesn’t meet their needs anymore….

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VoIP Business Phone Service Helps You ‘Live the Dream’—No Matter What It Is

VoIP business phone service lets you work from anywhere.

The other day, a colleague got an emergency call from her children’s school informing her that her daughter Bella was sick. She ran into my office to tell me she needed to leave…

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5 Ways to Improve Your Business Results with Advanced Contact Center Recording


Do you have a star salesperson or customer support rep? If so, you probably want a bunch more just like him or her. How do you extract the winning ways of your best…

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8x8 VoIP Saved My International Business Trip


From time to time, our customers send us email about how 8x8 hosted VoIP business communications saved them—from wasted time, from losing a deal, or even lost iPhones. These emails are cool for…

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Small Business Delivers EPA Virtual Call Center with VoIP service from 8x8


It’s every entrepreneur’s dream—you are awarded a great new contract. The challenge? The deadline is approaching fast and the clock is ticking. That was the experience of Janice Roper-Graham, president of Outreach Process…

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8x8 Hosted VoIP Helps Small Business Go Big by Going Virtual


Unlike Yahoo!, some businesses “go virtual” in a big way almost from their inception, relying on telecommuting and hosted VoIP to keep costs down. Company Entirely Virtual, Uses Physical Address Mostly to Get…

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Customize Your VoIP Business Phone System From 8x8 to Boost Sales and Customer Satisfaction


The phrase “auto attendant” might sound a little boring, until you find out what one can do for your business; then it gets a whole lot more interesting. Many who’ve used a business…

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Banking on 8x8 Business VoIP Phone Service


Anybody who has ever tried to get new business phone service on short notice—and been told there’s a three-week wait—can identify with West Town Saving Bank’s Vice President of Retail Mortgage Sales Christopher…

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