David Leach

David Leach

David is the Product Evangelist at 8x8. David enjoys the opportunity he gets to help business owners and technology professionals discover new ways that they can work smarter and conduct business anywhere, anytime.

Articles by: David Leach

Can Your Mobile Strategy Compete Without the Cloud?

Mobile Cloud Communications

Mobile technology, in its many forms—the Internet, smartphones, ubiquitous broadband networks, airplanes, high-speed rail systems, etc.—is helping businesses expand their market reach and accelerate their rate of growth. You don’t have to live…

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4 Ways to Boost ROI and Avoid Groundhog-Day Communications Spending

Cloud communications ROI

Repetition can be a boon or a burden to business, depending on what you’re repeating and why. There’s the good kind of repetition, which is repeating processes that drive revenue or serve customers…

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Never Miss a Call—Anywhere—With One-Number Access

One-Number-Business (1)

Business happens in real-time, so you can’t always predict what’s coming next. But you can make sure you never miss a call, no matter where you roam. With 8x8’s One Number Access feature,…

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New Call Center Software Helps Create a Caring Culture AND Gets Results

Great call center software creates cultures that care.

These are the times that try call center managers’ souls—or at least their scheduling capabilities. The days are fast approaching when weddings, honeymoons, graduations and vacations will make it tough for the managers…

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Is Your Business Being Left Out of the Net Neutrality Debate?

Net Neutrality: Bryan Martin, CTO of 8x8, Inc.

Lately, a lot of big names have been clashing over the latest FCC net neutrality proposal —the question of whether Internet service providers should have the right to offer paid priority service. But…

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The Road to HIPAA-compliant Business VoIP and Unified Communications

Business VoIP: road trip with HIPAA guide

For most people, starting a road trip comes with an emotional mix of excitement and anxiety. Excitement about escaping the daily routine, and the thought of all the great new experiences ahead. Anxiety…

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