Erik Archer Smith

Erik Archer Smith

Erik is an expert in cloud communications technology and has trained and mentored thousands of small business owners looking to harness the benefits of unifying their communications in the cloud. Erik is the VoIP Technology Evangelist for 8x8.

Articles by: Erik Archer Smith

VoIP Business Phone Service: A Diabolically Clever Way to Be Your Own Competition

VoIP Phone Service Helps Reduce Overhead

Lately, we’ve been sharing tips on using Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) business phone service to manage multiple businesses in these two posts, VoIP Phone Service: Run Two Businesses Out Of One Office…

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VoIP Phone Service: Run Two Businesses Out Of One Office for Less

Be Your Own Competition with VoIP Business Phone Service

There’s an old maxim in print design that states it costs relatively the same amount of money to print 1,000 sheets of paper as is does a single sheet, because the bulk of…

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5 Scary Cool Things You Can Do With This Business VoIP Mobile App


A lot of people switch to 8x8’s Virtual Office Phone business VoIP system simply because they want a less expensive business phone system. That’s all they want. If that’s you, then that’s a great…

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Use Your Business Phone Service to Masquerade for Fun and Profit

Business Phone Service Helps Manage Multiple Business Identities

Have you ever wanted to expand into a side business—without confusing customers or diluting your brand?  Or maybe you want to present an image as the low-price leader to a price-conscious clientele, while…

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5 Cool Ways to Use Virtual Phone Numbers for Small Business Guerrilla Marketing

5 ways to use Virtual Numbers

In a recent post, How VoIP Virtual Phone Numbers Can Make You More Money Than Google AdWords, we asked our blog readers to send us some innovative ways they’re using Virtual Numbers in their businesses,…

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How Business VoIP Virtual Phone Numbers Can Make You More Money Than Google AdWords

Virtual Numbers can help you figure out which marketing campaigns are working.

When you see the phrase “internet marketing,” what comes to mind? Google AdWords? Search engine optimization (SEO)? Social Media? Viral videos? All of them? Maybe, but I bet the one thing you DON’T…

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Take Back Your Weekend With Your Small Business Phone System


Having a small business phone system like 8x8’s Virtual Office means that you can be available to your customers pretty much anywhere, anytime. But what if you sometimes don’t want to be? You…

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How to Use Hosted VoIP to Communicate From a Technology Black Hole


Have you ever been off-site somewhere and really needed to make a business phone call, but didn’t have access to any of your normal communication systems? I’m talking about a real technology black…

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Manage Business Phone Service and Instant Messaging Together with 8x8


Instant messaging, also known as IM, or chat, is coming into its own as a useful, legitimate business communications tool, despite its checkered past as the preferred tool for the e-version of what…

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Business VoIP Gives You Freedom to Make Money Anywhere


Have you ever sat on the balcony of a nice hotel, overlooking some gorgeous view and thought, “Why can’t my office be here?” Or maybe you’ve been stuck at home when your child…

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