Max Ball

Max Ball

Max is the Senior Product Marketing Manager for 8x8 Virtual Contact Center.

Articles by: Max Ball

No Coffee Required: Quality Management System Boosts Performance, Sales


I had the opportunity to attend the IoD Convention in London this year. Brexit was a hot topic. My favorite comment about Brexit was from Yanis Varoufakis, the former Treasury Secretary of Greece,…

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What it Takes to Go Global with Your Contact Center

Global Contact Centers

Bryan Martin recently published a blog talking about the real world challenges of going global in the enterprise communications space and talked about some of the things we are doing at 8x8 to…

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It’s All About the Agent


I’m at Call Center Week in Las Vegas this week and it got me reminiscing about my experiences last year.  No, not the local shows I saw or the side trips to different…

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The Hybrid Effect in Cloud Communications

Max Hybrid Image for blog

Over the last couple of years, we’ve been hearing more about hybrid cloud computing and communications as companies consider cloud as a strategic business initiative. In March at Enterprise Connect, it was certainly…

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Keeping It Simple in the Contact Center

Keeping it simple in the contact center

I’ve spent most of my career selling complex technologies to very large enterprises to solve big, meaty problems. I can wax philosophical on Customer Effort Scores, the challenges of getting data out of…

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Living in a Measured World 

It's a measured world

I just got a Fitbit for my birthday and set it up last weekend. So now when I go to the food truck to get my lunch, I make sure to pace back…

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Top Contact Center Trends to Watch in 2016

Contact center trends and predictions

It’s January so I decided to dust off my crystal ball as I do every year around this time and take a look to see what’s in store for 2016. Once I got…

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Death of Omni-Channel—Don’t Forget Voice

Voice is an important support channel

Part 3—Blog Series By now, you have undoubtedly noted that I am passionate about properly serving customers via the channel of their choice. (Check out my first and second blog in this series.) And that…

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Death of Omni-Channel

Omni-channel is dead

Part 2–Blog Series In my last blog, I explored the challenges of omni-channel and how it creates such a complex, convoluted picture of customer interactions—so much so that it distracts us from really…

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Is Your Contact Center Solution Engineered to Go Global? Why it Matters

Global contact center

There are way too many things out there that are a lot harder than they look—like backflips,  juggling, and providing exceptional global customer service. Especially if you’re already providing good service from one…

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