Mike McAlpen

Mike McAlpen

Mike McAlpen is the Executive Director of Security and Compliance at 8x8, one of the largest US VoIP providers for business. Prior to this, Mike was a business leader with Visa, Inc. Global Information Security and Compliance. Before this Mike was a leader in HP Professional Services Information Security, CIO/CISO Advisory and other services for nearly 12 years. Mike is a frequent Information Security speaker, a three-term IT Services Management Foundation President, on the Board of Directors of the Silicon Valley ISSA, and active in ISACA, FBI/DHS InfraGard, U.S. Secret Service’s Cyber Crime Task Force and the American Bar Association Science and Technology Section’s Information Security Committee.

Articles by: Mike McAlpen

Security In Healthcare Innovation

shutterstock_234039175 smaller

The media has been awash with stories of companies that have suffered because of preventable security breaches, so it is easy to see why so many CIOs and senior leaders rate security as…

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Fitbit Complies with HIPAA—Does Your Business? 7 Questions to Ask

Fitbit get HIPAA compliant

Fitbit’s recent news that it has achieved compliance with HIPAA—which protects patients’ health data—shines a light on the importance of HIPAA medical privacy concerns to an ever-widening circle of businesses. Still, many firms…

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4 Call Center Compliance Problems—and How to Fix Them

Contact Center Compliance

Is our call center compliant? That’s a question that I get asked a lot, since I’m the Chief Information Security Officer for 8x8, which provides enterprise cloud contact center solutions. And the sad…

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Be Your Organization’s Security & Compliance Goalie

Security and Compliance Goals

I recently wrote about how to get your company to commit to improving its security and compliance by starting at the top and getting top brass buy-in. But once you’ve got agreement that your organization…

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How to Take Security from Afterthought to Advantage

Security Done Right

Is security just an afterthought? Not according to Infonetics Principal Analyst Diane Myers, who says it’s the #1 criterion for buyers of cloud communications. The fact that security is the most important concern…

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5 Steps to Cope with Medical Wearables—the Next HIPAA Battleground

Healthcare wearables and cloud communications

The Internet of Things and advances in communications are fueling a revolution in healthcare that presents wondrous opportunities to improve both healthcare and create new businesses, says Dr. Chris Furmanski, director of innovation…

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Apple Deal Underscores Safe Harbor’s Importance in Business Communications

Safe Harbor

The news that Apple is going to spend nearly $2 billion on new European data centers—and the open secret that it’s doing that to assuage Europeans that their data won’t leave Europe—recently put…

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Why Fishnet Security Moved Its Communications TO the Cloud

Security Provider Chooses 8x8 Cloud Communications

When you want to find a good medical specialist, you ask a great general practitioner for a referral. When you want a great plumber, you ask the best general contractor in your area….

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Stemming Plagues Might Test Communications Providers’ Speed and Compliance

HIPAA applies to contact centers

If HIPAA were a teenager, the eighteen-year-old would be allowed to vote and sign contracts. That’s why it’s tough to understand why so many businesses and government agencies are still failing to implement…

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Reminder: Miss the Sept. 22 HIPAA Deadline at Your Own Risk!

HIPAA deadline criminal prosecution

Fall is almost upon us, and that means that students are getting serious again. And so is the Office of Civil Rights, the arm of the government that enforces the strict HIPAA/HITECH Act and…

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