Robert Townsend

Robert Townsend

Rob Townsend is a 25 year veteran of contact center systems design whose projects include computer telephony integration solutions for several of the largest airlines, banks and utilities in the world. As the senior product manager for 8x8 Virtual Contact Center, Rob is tightly focused on the lifecycle and continuing evolution of this exciting cloud-based contact center solution.

Articles by: Robert Townsend

Call Center Scalability and Getting the Service You Need When You Need It


Scalability—a high-falutin’ word for the flexibility to expand or contract service as necessary—is probably one of the best benefits to moving your call center into the cloud. With traditional solutions, the need for…

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Big-Company Advanced Call Center Features Come Down to a Small-Company Price


Cloud-based VoIP has changed the economics of call centers, making available new options and features for many more companies. For what they paid for basic local, long distance and international calling, virtual call…

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Companies Use Cloud Call Centers to Show How Virtual They Can Go


In our ongoing blog series on how the Internet Cloud is making call centers a great new option for small and mid-sized businesses, we mentioned the benefit of uniting a company and even…

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Dollars and Sense and the Business Case for Cloud-Based Call Centers


In our last blog post, we talked about the advantages of having a cloud-based call center, and we mentioned savings. Whether you’re looking to reduce your long-distance charges, lower your maintenance costs, decrease…

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5 Reasons Why Your Business Might Need a Call Center in the Cloud


“But we don’t need a call center yet. We’re too small!” That’s a common reaction lots of business owners have when they think they’re too early in their growth path to need a…

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Solve the Email Accountability Problem for Your Call Center With an 8x8 Virtual Contact Center


If I’ve got an email box for incoming customer queries, why do I need a virtual call center that handles email, too? Isn’t that overkill? 8x8 Virtual Contact Center is a hosted call…

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Cloud-based Call Centers Offer New Freedom and Innovation for Businesses With Low-Cost VoIP


Owning or managing a business often attracts people who want independence—especially from increasingly irrelevant constraints such as location or the availability of office space. That’s why some of these entrepreneurs are exploring cloud-based…

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