Vik Verma

Vik Verma

Vik is the CEO of 8x8, Inc. A former engineer and self-proclaimed nerd, Vik is a strong believer in building cutting-edge products and solutions that solve real-world customer problems in a cost effective manner. Vik holds degrees in Engineering from Stanford; University of Michigan, Ann Arbor; and Florida Institute of Technology.

Articles by: Vik Verma

The Five Timers Club: 8x8 Named a Leader in Unified Communications as a Service by Gartner for the Fifth Consecutive Year

shutterstock_337786955 smaller

For anyone in enterprise technology, the Gartner Magic Quadrant is an incredibly influential annual report benchmarking the various players in the market. For some end-user companies, “The Leaders,” or those companies in the…

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Together We Win: A Big Thank You to Our Employees, Customers and Partners

Vik Verma FY16 300x231

Last week we announced our FY 2016 earnings results. It was a record year for 8x8 all around, and we have much to be thankful for. I am incredibly proud of our team…

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The Business Communications Revolution

The business communications revolution

Cloud-based, mobile-first, cost efficient  The Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) market is headed for big growth as more companies’ transition to the cloud and the revolution in business communications builds steam. In…

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Expert: How to Pick the #1 Cloud Communications Provider

8x8 is #1 Cloud UC Provider per Infonetics

As American Pharoah’s recent stunning victory proves, it can be tough to pick a winner—at least in horse racing. But Infonetics’ Principal Analyst Diane Myers has been picking winners in the cloud communications…

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Wrong Way, Watson! Breathe Soul into the New Customer Experience

Customer Service via Supercomputer

We’ve all heard, “Talk to the hand.” Now, financial services provider USAA has announced a pilot program whereby returning veterans seeking to make the transition to civilian society—and about 155,000 do each year—will…

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Hosted PBX Helps McLarens Achieve Dueling Objectives

Hosted PBX: sword fighters dueling

Do you ever feel torn between seemingly competing goals? That’s a common problem for people who manage growing companies. You want to simplify, but exploit advanced technology. Standardize and streamline, but give people…

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Business VoIP Helps Manage Unified Communications in Extreme Weather

Business VoIP: icicles on a bridge

If you’ve been thinking that the weather has been unusually tough on business these last few years, you’re right. Extreme weather events are costing businesses nearly $200 billion a year during the last…

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Replicon’s Genius: Going Global Fast With Hosted PBXs and Call Center Software

Hosted PBX: Globe

Sometimes, executive genius is about finding ways to achieve what seem like contradicting objectives. That’s why I admire Replicon’s global IT director, Neal Alberda, who was quick to see that a hosted PBX…

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Rubicon Project Uses Hosted VoIP to Beat Tough Deadline for Innovation

Hosted VoIP: Promise in skywriting

One of the most critical roles any CEO plays is “Promise-Keeper-in-Chief,” and I take that responsibility very seriously. That’s why it was so great to hear from Tim McQuillen, Chief Knowledge Officer at…

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Unified Communications: ‘We have a real sense of being a team now’

Unified communications: group of employees

Unified communications providers don’t just unify technology; they unify people. As Infinisource’s CTO Craig Henne recently told us, something very profound happens when people find it easy to communicate with their coworkers. That’s…

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