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Become a Superhero with 8x8 Virtual Office

8x8 Virtual Office Superhero

Did you know that 8x8 Virtual Office makes it easy to switch calls between devices? We call this “flipping a call,” and nothing could be simpler or faster. This trick is handy when…

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Don’t Give Up an Arm and a Leg to Collaborate!


“As a collaborative leader, you support people in their work —you remove roadblocks and help them win”  Kenneth H. Blanchard, Best-Selling Author Through video conferencing people come together, giving the appearance of being present…

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Turn Data into Actionable Intelligence


Note: 8x8 EasyContactNow is currently available in Europe. Find more information here. With a sophisticated analytics engine, contact centre managers and supervisors can turn data into knowledge. But without clear reports, it’s difficult…

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Five Productivity-Enhancing Apps You Didn’t Know Existed

business productivity apps

Today people are more connected than ever before. Since we’re always accessible, whether physically in the office, working remotely on our laptops or staying connected on-the go, it’s probably safe to assume that…

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4 Ways Enterprise Cloud Communications Help Hot-Deskers

Hot Desking

Hot desking—sharing office space and business phones—is, well, a hot trend these days. By 2020, employers are expected to provide just six desks to every ten workers in Singapore, the Netherlands, the USA and the UK. But…

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Stay One Step Ahead of Your Customers with Proactive Chat

Proactive chat for contact centers

Ever get frustrated trying to navigate through a website or looking for online support? Wanted help finding the right web page without having to call in and wait on hold for support? That…

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Ultra-Cool Cloud Analytics Tricks Your Old PBX Just Can’t Do

Communications analytics

Pity the poor PBX. It’s already the Winnie-the-Pooh of communications these days—“of very little brain.” For example, its inability to quickly route calls to auto attendants, laptops, smartphones and tablets makes it look…

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Are You Sending YOUR Repeat Business to Your Competitors?

Direct connect with Virtual Contact Center increases customer loyalty

If you’re in finance, insurance, medicine, law—or any other service industry where people care about exactly whom they work with—you might be losing customers whenever a popular person in your organization leaves. Or,…

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4 Secrets Nobody Ever Has to Know—With the Right Business Phone System

Business VoIP secrets

Transparency in corporate America might be overrated—especially when it comes to companies’ business phone service. Of course, everyone still wants the companies they do business with to be honest and aboveboard. But when…

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Customers Arm Themselves with Recordings Against Comcast Guy Army

Use call recording to keep companies honest

As Stephen L. Carter puts it, the Comcast Guy recording kerfuffle just gets weirder and more painful with every update. Now there are at least THREE outrageous Comcast customer service recordings out there…

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