8x8 Podcast: Talking Customer Experience & Contact Center Trends with Nancy Jamison, Frost & Sullivan


Subscribe to the 8x8 Podcast on iTunes. Recently, I chatted with Nancy Jamison, Principal Analyst at Frost & Sullivan about customer experience and contact center trends. We discussed the move to cloud, millennials…

The Death of Omni-channel and Birth of Any Media

The death of omni-channel

Part I – Blog Series Customers really do see many different interactions with your company across many disparate channels as a single conversation with a single entity—regardless of how many departments or organizations…

Stay One Step Ahead of Your Customers with Proactive Chat

Proactive chat for contact centers

Ever get frustrated trying to navigate through a website or looking for online support? Wanted help finding the right web page without having to call in and wait on hold for support? That…

Re-Thinking Enterprise Cloud Communications

Re-thinking Cloud Communications

The time is now and 2015 is the year enterprises need to start shifting their on-premises unified communications and VoIP solutions to the cloud or risk falling behind. On-premises PBX systems have been…

Build Great Customer Experiences in the Cloud

Constructing Effective Customer Experiences

Companies the world over are turning to the cloud to create better customer experiences, and Aberdeen Group says it’s paying off.  Moving customer contact to the cloud results in higher revenues and improved…

Success Checklist: 7 Steps to Better Customer Experiences

Aberdeen Customer Experience Checklist

Aberdeen Group says that most “best-in-class” contact centers—those in the top 20 percent in customer satisfaction metrics—are either using cloud-based infrastructure, or contemplating a switch to the cloud. But before you make the…

How Cloud Contact Centers Maximize Customer Delight


Small and mid-sized contact centers face challenges in delighting their customers, the Aberdeen Group points out in recent research. But, says the respected research firm, putting contact centers in the cloud helps firms…

Clearing Up Omni-Confusion about Omni-Channel


What, precisely, is ‘omni-channel’ supposed to mean? It kind of sounds like something out of a late-night Creature Feature, but suddenly, you can hardly avoid the term if your job involves customer service…

After Disaster: How to Say ‘Never Again’ to Downed Communications


Digging out after a major disaster like a storm or a flood is never easy. But these days, many businesses have already survived more than one “historic weather event”—and they’re getting serious about…

Why Fishnet Security Moved Its Communications TO the Cloud

Security Provider Chooses 8x8 Cloud Communications

When you want to find a good medical specialist, you ask a great general practitioner for a referral. When you want a great plumber, you ask the best general contractor in your area….

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