8x8 ContactNow – A New Intelligent & Easy to Use Contact Center Solution for Teams

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8x8 ContactNow has been developed with the mindset that we want to give customers not only flexible capabilities and functionality but also the power to make instant changes at their fingertips in real time.

How Well Do You Know Your Customers—Really?

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Most companies touch customers at multiple points along their journeys—starting with marketing and sales, moving through customer service and support, and on to retention and renewals. All these touch points engage customers—but are…

Top Contact Center Trends to Watch in 2016

Contact center trends and predictions

It’s January so I decided to dust off my crystal ball as I do every year around this time and take a look to see what’s in store for 2016. Once I got…

The Death of Omni-channel and Birth of Any Media

The death of omni-channel

Part I – Blog Series Customers really do see many different interactions with your company across many disparate channels as a single conversation with a single entity—regardless of how many departments or organizations…

If You Want to Communicate What’s Important, Gamify!

The Gamification of Training

To students, working in the business world can sometimes seem synonymous with “all work and no play.” So, as a new intern at 8x8, I didn’t really expect anything fun or out-of-the-box to…

Keep Customers from Fuming on Hold with Queued Callback

Frustrated caller on hold

Bad customer service became a headline-maker in July and August, when Comcast representatives were recorded haranguing one customer and forcing another to wait three-and-a-half hours on hold, until Comcast closed for the day…

Turn Your Contact Center or Phone System into an Unfair Advantage

Call Center Advantage: 4 aces

This May, 8x8 announced that it had achieved “Built For NetSuite” status. Virtual Contact Center was the first call center software to gain this validation, and Virtual Office was the first telephony service…

6 Ways to Tell If Your Company Has Outgrown Its Business Phone Service

unified communications: Fish jumping to bigger bowl

If  you’ve ever been frustrated by your business phone service, consider this: Lots of companies reach a point where they’re big enough—and successful enough—that their current service just doesn’t meet their needs anymore….

Contact Center Software Mashup Helps Coach the Rest of Us

call center software: coach on soccer field

Coaching top executives is all the rage these days, and is increasingly endorsed—and paid for—by companies hoping to get the most out of their top brass. For example, Bob Nardelli, former CEO of…

Does Your Call Center Software Show You These Critical Metrics EVERYWHERE?

call center metrics: man with tablet

You can’t manage what you don’t know. And for companies who want to boost their image and sales with a reputation for great customer service, knowing and managing the real-time metrics of contact…

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