How Well Do You Know Your Customers—Really?

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Most companies touch customers at multiple points along their journeys—starting with marketing and sales, moving through customer service and support, and on to retention and renewals. All these touch points engage customers—but are…

What Do You Get When You Cross Your CRM System With Your Phone System?

CRM and cloud communications

No, it’s not a joke, and there is no punchline. But there is definitely a payoff for companies that combine several powerful cloud solutions for a synergistic effect, says Infonetics analyst Diane Myers….

Turn Your Contact Center or Phone System into an Unfair Advantage

Call Center Advantage: 4 aces

This May, 8x8 announced that it had achieved “Built For NetSuite” status. Virtual Contact Center was the first call center software to gain this validation, and Virtual Office was the first telephony service…

Call Center Software and the Zen of Customer Relationship Maintenance


One of the most popular books of the 1970s, Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance, started with two men on a road trip and explored how mindset and experience affect the pursuit…

Profits or Pits: 3 Ways Call Center Choices Make or Break CRM Investment

The right call center software will maximilze your CRM investment

Done right, a CRM-Contact Center combo can boost sales by giving call center agents the fingertip-ready info they need to satisfy customers, cross-sell and up-sell products, and build customer loyalty.  A great contact…