8x8 ContactNow – A New Intelligent & Easy to Use Contact Center Solution for Teams

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8x8 ContactNow has been developed with the mindset that we want to give customers not only flexible capabilities and functionality but also the power to make instant changes at their fingertips in real time.

Is Your Contact Center Solution Engineered to Go Global? Why it Matters

Global contact center

There are way too many things out there that are a lot harder than they look—like backflips,  juggling, and providing exceptional global customer service. Especially if you’re already providing good service from one…

4 Call Center Compliance Problems—and How to Fix Them

Contact Center Compliance

Is our call center compliant? That’s a question that I get asked a lot, since I’m the Chief Information Security Officer for 8x8, which provides enterprise cloud contact center solutions. And the sad…

3 Tips to Keep Customer Journeys from Going Off the Rails

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When it comes to customer journeys, is your company inadvertently driving your customers to desperate measures, like going to GetHuman.com? Maybe. The way customers experience products and services is changing, and companies that…

ICMI: Customer Service is Tough and Getting Tougher

Infographic: Improve Your Customer Service Experience

If you think it’s getting harder to impress customers with your customer service efforts, you’re not imagining it. It really is getting harder. That’s the conclusion of this infographic by the International Customer Management…

Are Stereotypes Costing You Customers? 6 Millennial Service Tips

millennials-300x240 (1)

How well does your business know its Millennial customers and employees? As the Millennial Generation enters its twenties and thirties, they are becoming a powerful driving force in all aspects of business. Already, they will…

Build Great Customer Experiences in the Cloud

Constructing Effective Customer Experiences

Companies the world over are turning to the cloud to create better customer experiences, and Aberdeen Group says it’s paying off.  Moving customer contact to the cloud results in higher revenues and improved…

Running Global Customer Service Just Got Easier

Global contact center

If you think running global contact center operations is easy, you clearly don’t understand the problem. And until this week’s introduction of 8x8 Virtual Contact Center (VCC) Global, you had very little in…

Success Checklist: 7 Steps to Better Customer Experiences

Aberdeen Customer Experience Checklist

Aberdeen Group says that most “best-in-class” contact centers—those in the top 20 percent in customer satisfaction metrics—are either using cloud-based infrastructure, or contemplating a switch to the cloud. But before you make the…

Is Your Company in Call Center Denial?

cloud contact centers ease caller and agent frustration

Are you in denial about running a call center? Lots of companies are. They don’t think that the heavy incoming customer calls they take really constitute a “real” call center or—if email, web…

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